Chris and Katie


There is much to know about Chris and Katie. How we became who we are and who we became together. Then how the two of us began to form this business.  

Chris attended the Art Institute of Atlanta and then Kennesaw State University. He was pursuing his art and his adventurous life.  

Katie graduated from Jacksonville State University with a BFA in Photography. She then moved to Colorado to pursue art and the joys of life.  

After a couple of years, I (Katie) came back to Georgia and met Chris on April 6th (6th day of the fourth month-where it all began). Although it was not love at first sight, it grew rapidly. Every day we were amazed at how well we fit together. How much our love was growing at a fast pace and the dream that might be coming. He always loved me like nothing I had known before. He has a genuine and caring heart and I was in awe of his love from the beginning. 

After only five months Chris proposed to me. As any girl this moment your heart seems to split. Half goes to your toes and half goes to your throat. All I could say was, "Are you serious?" Once I started to calm down he was able to ask me to be his wife.  

We were married on April 2nd. Not quite a year since the beginning of our story. I was already pursuing my own photography business. Once we were married, we changed the name and it was now our business. We have been amazed at where we have come in our love and business.  

God has blessed, provided and amazed us every month. We are passionate about our craft, business, clients and colleagues. Every one has made us who we are. We are honored to be a part of this industry and your life.  

If you are still reading at this point you get to know the fun details that make us unique. Katie is a health nut and Chris is slowly but surely seeing the benefits to a healthy lifestyle. A good day in the city would be for us to go to one of our favorite food stops in Atlanta. It could be a store or restaurant. If food is involved then we are happy. We also love exploring the hidden parts of the city and little eclectic boutiques of goodness. We love anything textural as well as the written word and stationery. Enjoy getting to know us through these images.  

Love story to be continued... 

Well, here we are to continue our love story. It now includes our sweet daughter Rosemary Kate. We get it now. We know how full of pride and love all of you parents feel for your children. What an incredible journey we have started on and how honored we are to be her parents. Be prepared to see many pictures of our favorite little Cozy Rosie.